Level 2 – Soft Escalations Letter

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This is the escalted letter that should be used as a follow up to the Level 1 Letter.

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This letter should be used as the second contact letter to your customer as part of your credit control strategy.  It is designed as a follow up letter to your customer and should be used in conjunction with the level 1 letter.

We recommend sending this letter to your customer approximately seven days after the level 1 letter has been sent

It is designed in template form and there are clear areas that need to be customised prior to sending it to a customer.

As it is in template form it can be used repeatedly.

We recommend saving the file with a different name when you first download it.  This allows you to keep the file in the original format should you need to return to it at any time.  If you do not do this and you need to return to the original file you will need to repurchase it.


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