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Demystifying Credit Control

Demystifying Credit Control

Demystifying Credit Control is the podcast created and hosted by our Managing Director and veteran Credit Controller Jonathan Hill. 

Through the podcast it is our aim to highlight the value that Credit Control brings to your business.  Why we call ourselves the guardians of your cashflow and give you enough knowledge and background so that you feel able and comfortable in talking with your credit control team.

One of the greatest myths in Credit Control is that we are the “sales prevention” team.  Another is that we are just there as cash collectors.  Through this podcast we aim to dispel these and many other myths and mysteries about Credit Control.

This podcast will not turn you into a Credit Controller.  It will though lift the veil and also show why Credit Control is for all businesses regardless of your size.

We welcome your questions

As part of the podcast we will be putting your questions to both Jonathan and also any guests that we have on the podcast that day.

Please note that all answers given will be in line with English and Welsh law and practices. 

If you live or your debt relates to any other jurisdiction then the reponse that you receive may contain some inaccurate information for your jurisdiction.  As such and in this circumstance we would recommend seeking local advice.

We can’t guarantee that we can answer every question that we receive immediately.  We will endevour to get to as many as we can.  

We also reserve the right to group questions where a common theme emerges (or to answer by means of a later podcast episode). 

We will anonymise both your details and your clients details.  We will also not engage in any naming and shaming of companies.


We also welcome your feedback

As with any podcast your feedback is invaluable and we welcome it.  So please do post reviews or contact us directly to let us know your feedback.